Nasty Lifestyle | Functional Fitness Brand


We’re Nasty Lifestyle. The fastest growing independent fitness brand in the UK. We make products that are good for people, and good for the planet.

Our story began in 2015 when we noticed that current fitness gear available just couldn’t keep up with the killer WODs we were bossing in the Box. And so, Nasty Lifestyle was born. Premium products, specifically designed for the CrossFit community that look as good on the high street as they do in the Box.


Why are we different?

We have always and will always put product over profit. We never buy off the shelf, we spend a lot of time sourcing innovative new yarns to create the very best bespoke performance fabrics for our customers that you won’t find anywhere else. To find out more about our innovative fabrics, click here.

All of our designs are one-of-a-kind and limited edition. We only make small quantities of each design to make sure you always look fresh and unique in the Box.


We give back.

Not only do our products look and feel amazing, but they’re actually good for the planet too. Nasty Lifestyle are proud supporters of sustainable fashion and that’s why our products and fabrics are made from responsibly recycled materials such as plastic bottles and fishing nets.

When you order from Nasty Lifestyle, all of our packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable to make sure no more waste ends up in landfills.

We’re also a proud climate positive workforce. This means, we plant trees in various forests to help offset the emissions produced from running our business. So, when you shop at Nasty Lifestyle, you can shop happy knowing you’re making a positive impact on the planet too.


Offset 100% of your carbon footprint and minimise your impact on the environment.

Now you can help too, we have added a donate button at checkout meaning we can plant even more tree's with your help. With every £3.10 donated we will plant 25 trees. 🌳 Find out more about Ecologi here and help make a difference for our future and our children's future.