We welcome Nadia Abreu to the Tribe!

We welcome Nadia Abreu to the Tribe!

Nasty Lifestyle Athlete: Nadia Abreu
Box CrossFit Hammersmith / Shepherd’s Bush

Nadia has been doing CrossFit for about 5 years. Before Nadia began her CrossFit journey she practiced Volleyball and Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) at a young age.  Nadia excelled and enjoyed CrossFit so much that she became a full-time coach at both CrossFit Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush. Her speciality classes are Strongman and Weightlifting but equally is passionate about helping at the grassroots level so coaches kids/teens classes.

We asked Nadia what is her favourite benchmark workout is?

"My favourite benchmark it’s probably D.T... not that I have an amazing score, only because I love a good workout cycling the barbell. The one I’m better at and I also like is Karen. So as you have guessed I really like wall balls but do love a thruster too. The area I am still developing and want to be more consistent at is handstand walking... let's just say it is work in progress."

Fun facts:
Nadia decided to move from Madeira, Portugal to the U.K. 4 years ago and she couldn’t say a word in English.
She is also known in her box as being a bit clumsy and once sprained her ankle getting off an air bike!
Standout achievements:
3rd place CrossFit SiD 2019 - Elite team
2nd place French Throwdown 2018 - Elite team
1st place BFMG 2018 - Elite individual
2nd place Pairs Inferno Race SiD 2018 - Pairs
We welcome Nadia to our tribe and can't wait to follow her on her CrossFit journey.


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