The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Introducing Charlotte Pettit - Teen Nasty Lifestyle Athlete

At the age of 15 Charlotte is already proving to be an Athlete to watch out for. Having only 10 months under her belt she is already pushing the limits. Charlotte’s enthusiasm and motivation to train after school each day to build strong foundations, and work on good technique are only proving to be a huge gain to her training.


Charlotte is currently working on a squat program and strength cycle with her amazing coach, Joseph Mulhern, from Danum CrossFit in Doncaster, who has high hopes for her competing at the CrossFit® Regionals.


Charlotte has competed at many local throwdowns, which she has won. She came 6th at The British Teen Championships in Bristol this year and is competing at The Castle Games Finals this weekend with fellow teammate Isaac Lawrenson.


Clean & Jerk – 62.5Kg

Snatch – 45Kg

Back Squat – 80Kg

Deadlift – 110Kg

Max Pull Ups - 10


We’re really excited to have Charlotte as part of the team and can’t wait to follow her on her CrossFit® journey. We’ll be keeping you updated.


Athletes never compromise. So neither do we.




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