The Team Series | Time to Buddy Up!

The Team Series | Time to Buddy Up!

Grab a partner and get yourselves down to the box, because the CrossFit Team Series 2017 is about to begin, and this year it’s a pairs competition. Up until now, this event has always seen teams of four – two women and two men – competing to be the most awesome foursome. But, as it’s not always easy to find yourself the perfect team, with four Crossfitters of similar fitness levels, the organisers have decided to make things easier. This year, the CrossFit Team Series is all about the twos.


So how will it work? Well, the new rules state that any two people can form a team – two men for a ‘male pair’, two women for a ‘female pair’, or one of each to form a ‘mixed pair’. That means you can buddy up with absolutely anyone, from your training partner to your lover, your sister, your brother or any other mother. It could be your best friend in the world or that guy you did reps with last week. Whoever is right for you?


It takes two baby! The Team Series 2017 is a great opportunity to work together, build confidence, and unleash your competitive side. We all perform better when we know have someone else counting on us, encouraging us, and filming us. We run faster, we jump higher, we push harder, and we get more reps!


The competition kicks off with the first set of workouts on the 20th September, and the second set of workouts will be released the following week. All entries must be submitted by the 2ndOctober. You can expect 3-4 workouts a week, each with a scaled and RX version. So you have every reason to get involved and no excuse not to.


Here at Nasty Lifestyle, we’re just pumped that this new set up will give more of you a chance to get involved. So pick a partner, get geared up, and sign up to compete. You don’t have to be the best, but you can still be your best. It’s time to push yourself, and each other, to the absolute limit!


So, are you going to give it a shot?



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