Meet Our New Athlete... Hat Hewitt

Meet Our New Athlete... Hat Hewitt

Nasty Lifestyle Athlete: Hat Hewitt

Box: CrossFit Watford

Hat has been doing Crossfit for 5 years and is a CrossFit coach. Prior to her CrossFit journey, Hat played premiership rugby for Saracens, she also played 7s for invitational sides in the summer & was in the Ireland squad for a season. She has also coached kids rugby and swimming.

We asked Hat what her favourite benchmark workout is? We also asked what's the best moment you have had competing? 

"My favourite benchmark is Karen or Mary. I have two standout moments: Firstly, last year after the open finding out we, as a team, had qualified for regionals 2018! The second, finishing workout 7 at SiD - we genuinely had no clue it had earned us a podium spot. We were just all so chuffed we had done so well and finished the day on a high! Coming 3rd at the UK's sanctioned event was just incredible!"

We also asked Hat what movements she excel's at and also what movements are requiring more finesse?

"I enjoy pistols & kipping handstand push-ups but my muscle ups still need some work. I have had a few injuries during my rugby days, so I have some plates and screws keeping parts of me together... which at times, can cause me some pain when there is rotation on the rings and in an overhead position. Certain element’s of Crossfit have been a slow process compared to others, but I am extremely determined and love a challenge."

Finally, we asked Hat why she does CrossFit? 

"I like that you can’t ever be ‘good enough’ or ‘too good’. It means you’re never alone when you’re working on something."

We're super excited to have Hat join our team and can't wait to see her repping us in future comps. 



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