How to Choose the Best Activewear for You

How to Choose the Best Activewear for You

With so many ways to stay active, and so much choice when it comes to workout clothes, how do you know which styles, materials and qualities are best for you?

Research The Fabric.

Arguably the most important aspect in decent workout gear is breathable and sweat-wicking properties. This means that the sweat you produce during your workout isn’t absorbed into the material, but the technology allows the moisture to evaporate, leaving your body cool and comfortable during even the toughest workouts.

Nasty Lifestyle crossfit clothing made for training

Activity Based Activewear.

Whilst a lot of performance wear has similar capabilities, there are certain benefits to choosing your workout clothes based on thetype of training you do. A long sleeve sports top womens is totally breathable and is ideal for those cooler morning runs. And for stretch-based activities like yoga and pilates, a good pair of workout leggings will help you move freely and effortlessly.

Weather-proof Your Workout Wardrobe.

Suitable training clothes should offer a good level of breathability no matter the season, but keeping warm in cold weather, and allowing your body to move freely and breathe can be a challenge. Our long sleeve training tops womens and sweaters feature an ultra-light and breathable fabric which feels weightless on the skin, protects you from the cold weather and keeps you cool as you get a sweat on.

Stylish Sustainability.

Our sustainable training clothes are made from 100% recycled materials, like plastic bottles and fishing nets and are kinder to our planet. As a brand, we don’t believe in fast-fashion and try to do our bit without compromising on quality. To find out more about our sustainable fabrics, click here.

Whether you’re lounging, lunging or lifting, if you follow our tips above, hopefully you’ll know a bit more about what to look out for when shopping for your next workout wardrobe essential.


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