Hannah Lewis - Nasty Lifestyle Athlete

Hannah Lewis - Nasty Lifestyle Athlete

Here's a little info about our newest Nasty Lifestyle Athlete! Hannah Lewis.


Age: 30

Weight: 68kg

Height: 173cm

How long have you been doing CrossFit: 3years

What is your background before CrossFit: Prior to CrossFit I was a competitive trampoline gymnast. I competed for Great Britain for 14 years and during that time I became National, European & World Junior Champion. I suffered a career ending injury where I fractured my back in three places. After that, I didn't go to the gym and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle as I had lost the routine of being an Athlete. I then walked into a CrossFit box and I've never looked back! I love training and having structure back in my training and I've always had that competitive spirit so I feel at home on the competition floor. 


Clean and Jerk - 95kg

Snatch - 75kg

Deadlift - 150kg

Back Squat -140kg

Max Pull Up's - 25+

Hannah competes in CrossFit events around the UK and is hoping to compete in some European ones this summer. Hannah will be competing with fellow team mates Sian Evans, Hannah Gale, Liam Hogan, and Nick Rouse at Bar Wars, Apollo and Wild West in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out for her! 

Hannah is also a PT instructor and Blog writer, you can follow her on instagram and check out her blog, details below.

Instagram Account: hannah_j_lewis

Hannah's Blog: www.strong-not-skinny.co.uk


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