Hand Care Essentials

Hand Care Essentials

Hand care is a vital part of Crossfit for any Athlete from novice to elite. Your first-hand tear or rip can seem like a trophy and a super exciting time as it feels like you’ve finally made it into the CrossFit cult! But these tears and rips can really hurt and can not only inhibit your training but can also make day to day tasks super tricky.

Obviously, tears are going to happen when lots of time is spent on the rig when your hands aren’t used to it, its is bound to cause calluses that can sometimes rip. It’s part of the CrossFit journey and a right of passage into the crazy world of CrossFit, but it’s important to take care of your paws.

Personally, I used to really struggle with bad rips but I’ve learnt how to manage them effectively. One of the best ways I’ve learned to manage them is by using Inbitz hand care set.

This set includes a hand shaver which helps to get rid of the dead skin. It’s super sharp and best to use after the shower but is a good tool to use to keep on top of the build-up of dead skin. It also includes a pumice stone which can be used to sand down your skin and is perfect for sore thumbs. My favourite thing in the pack is the Inbitz hand palm which is amazing! Every time I get a slight tear or rip I apply the balm straight after and it’s instantly soothed. It’s great to put on overnight and can also be used on other cuts that might be picked up through training such as burns from false grip.

Purchase yours online today and protect those paws!


Written by Hannah Lewis from Strong Not Skinny.


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